Girls Aprons


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Girls Adjustable Apron

19" long x 22' wide 2 front pockets, with adjustable strap.

Fits most from ages 2 years old to 9 years old.

Perfect for those messy art projects, helping dad wash the car or mom in the garden.

Grandma and Mimi will also love working side-by-side with a well-equipped kiddo!

 Our most popular colors for Girls are
Red Cherry with Black Polka Dot Pocket, Pink Mini Check with Black Toile Pocket, Pink Strawberry with Green Polka Dot Pocket, Black & White Zebra with Pink Polka Dot Pocket, Green Polka Dot with Cheetah Pocket, Purple Toile with Purple Gingham Pocket, and Pink Polka Dot with Black Gingham Pocket

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